Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surf Safari Part 1 - Abel Haldermans Top Three

After I interviewed Mr. Halderman I dressed up properly surf style, fixed hair and make up and we went together on a short surf safari.

Nadja Revnik: Today Mr. Haldermann joins us on a trip around the world to different surf spots. Welcome Mr. Haldermann!
Abel Halderman: Thank you Ms. Revnik.
Abel Halderman: We are at the Archipealgo beach.

/comment Even if Mr. Halderman does not know how to spell my name he is an expert on surfing in SL - so lets see what he gets outa his pockets tonight ;-)

Abel Halderman: This beach belongs to the SL Surfing Association. We first rented it around October 2009. Since then it has been a home beach to the SLSA. We held 2 surf competitions here.
Nadja Revnik: That's over a year..indeed already a long time for SL.
Abel Halderman: In SL yes. But thanks to our surfers the beach is doing financially very well right now.
Nadja Revnik: No one drowned here since now?
Abel Halderman: There were some missing people here. But we figure they just crashed.
Nadja Revnik: Heh.
Nadja Revnik: Let's donate a dime then.
Abel Halderman: Hehe. Thank you!
Nadja Revnik: Are here life guards around?
Abel Halderman: No, sorry! But this is a wild beach in many ways.

Nadja Revnik: The waves look pretty wild.
Abel Halderman: Well...
Nadja Revnik: Haven't seen such anywhere else by now.
Abel Halderman: This wave is very unique. Perhaps you have seen it on the login screen in your SL viewer. It was created by leogarto Burt. A brazilian association owner.
Nadja Revnik: Is he sexy?...that might be a question female readers are interested in ;)
Abel Halderman: It is one of the first sculpted waves in SL. I think the first actually. Is he sexy...Hmm...one sec
Abel Halderman: [11:22]  Abel Halderman: Is leogarto Burt sexy?
Abel Halderman: [11:22]  Jane Doe: I dont think so!
Nadja Revnik: lol
Nadja Revnik: Is it difficult to surf - as it is not one single sculpt?
Abel Halderman: The wave is very old and most probably not perfect. Yet, it is a piece of history.
Nadja Revnik: Is the problem in surfing that wave the different parts it has?
Abel Halderman: It is more about the pushed wave that is the invisible part. It is what pushes the board. So yes it may be a problem for some.
Nadja Revnik: Ah...that's always invisible behind each waves?
Abel Halderman: Yes, almost always. There is an exception though.
Nadja Revnik: Let's have a look in the hall of fame Mr. Halderman as we're already here.

Abel Halderman: Sure, follow me please. The SLSA Hall of Fame is a place where people that have done the most for the surf community have their plaques. There are the SLSA founders here, best surfers and people who the surfing community chose to be inducted. Season winners, SLSA founders and creators of SL surfing, the two on the top..Seb and Heather...created the first SL boards and waves. Here are mostly people inducted by the surfers or nominated by the surfers and voted by the HoF members and directors.
Nadja Revnik: Oh and you are there as well ;-)
Abel Halderman: Almost all most deserving it. Perhaps except for me.
/comment Understatement of a gentleman...
Abel Halderman: This place is a symbol of excelency in surfing and working for the surf community.
Two tops surfers each season are inducted automatically. The other two surfers are nominated by the members and voted by the HoF (Hall of Fame) members and SLSA directors. The building itself..was created by Syx Toshi, who won the SLSA contest for the new SLSA HoF building design.
Nadja Revnik: Some names i know well, others I never heared.

Abel Halderman: Well, some of the people are long gone. This is where we keep the memory of them.
Nadja Revnik: The waves took them? They drowned here?
Abel Halderman: One of them died in RL.
Nadja Revnik: Uh :-(  By surf?
Abel Halderman: Thos Bishop. No, not when surfing. He was sick in RL. He is remembered by many surfers in the SLSA. He is a legend. He died in 2008.

Nadja Revnik: Well for now we have some beaches to go to ;-)
Abel Halderman: Yes! Next one is the Vibes team beach.
Nadja Revnik: One I know! But lets go with expertise today ;-)
Abel Halderman: I'll tell you a story about the Vibes beach. Ok first generally...In 2007 when I joined the SLSA VW Sands and Lissa Pinion..todays Hall of Fame members..had a beach. It was Majini. It is also a legendary spot.
Nadja Revnik: My first surf spot.
Abel Halderman: And it was the first surf spot for many surfers. It was a real surf central if you know what I mean.
Nadja Revnik: Yep!
Abel Halderman: Everybody loved it because of its atmosphere and the people there. Many miss it - event till now!
Nadja Revnik: Yes, i liked it there as well! VW was the first surfer I knew.
Abel Halderman: Then Maji had to go. We all cried about it, but soon after it was gone...VW and Lissa got a new beach and that was because the SL surfers donated enough money to buy two brand new full sims. This deck...has the surfers names on it. But times were hard and also Tuli and Mori had to go.
Nadja Revnik: Tell me about it. I lost my home.
Abel Halderman: I did, too! This is the only live piece of Majini we have here. It belongs to the Vibrations Surf Team and they are proud of it and the rest of the surfers happy for them too. As you see the deck is still here and it is a symbol of the group effort.
Nadja Revnik: The wave here..it seems to be hip nowadays.
Abel Halderman: The wave is the Cortes made by Sebastian Saramago...we "met" him in the HoF building. Some love the wave, some not so much, but you gotta admitt... it is the best looking wave around.
Nadja Revnik: Is that waves - which I btw still only see in grey - so great to surf the rezzing effort is worth?
Abel Halderman: I love it!
Nadja Revnik: When it's rezzed after an hour or so it might look nice ;-P
Abel Halderman:  Well, of course having waves at homestead sims causes issues sometimes but most of the surf sims we have right now are HS. So this was the Vibes Surf Team beach.
Nadja Revnik: Picking next destination?
Abel Halderman: You know Tsunami Beach?
Nadja Revnik: Yes, lets go there!
Abel Halderman: Ok.
Nadja Revnik: Mr. Halderman now I get afraid...do we have to think about drowning in a Tsunami here?
Abel Halderman: Hehe, no. It's all safe ;-)
Tsunami Beach was created back in 2008. Since then it has however changed its location. This sim has a double Cortes wave and one LSD wave. Also a few shops on the neighbor sim. It is a home of the Tsunami Surf Team.

Nadja Revnik: LSD is the single one there?
Abel Halderman: LSD has the single one here, yes.
Nadja Revnik: What does LSD stand for? The drug? You get high from surfing on it? ;-)
Abel Halderman: Luscious Starship Designs
Nadja Revnik: Uhoh...is he an addict? ;-P
Abel Halderman: It's a she! And I don't think she is. ;-)
Nadja Revnik: Well, we hope the best for her. ;-)
Abel Halderman: Hehe.
Nadja Revnik: Our male readers might wanna know..is she sexy?
Abel Halderman: Just my opinion but I think she is. ;-)
/comment I hope just married Mrs. Halderman is not freaking out by that ;-)
Nadja Revnik: Don't tell you dated her? ;-)
Abel Halderman: No, I never have!
Nadja Revnik: Well, shall we set up this interview for getting you a date? ;-P
Abel Halderman: Haha, nooo - no dating in SL!
/comment see above....so much about no dating in SL....
Abel Halderman: Would you like to see the clubhouse?
Nadja Revnik: The LSD wave did not rezz yet, but clubhouse is on the same sim?
Abel Halderman: Yes, it is.

Abel Halderman: Tsunami is one of the oldest teams right now along with Reef Riders and Vibrations, and probably another one or two.
Nadja Revnik: You told you are in it, eh?
Abel Halderman: Yes, I am. It was founded back in 2008. These show cases belong to the Tsunami surfers. Some of them keep their trophies in there, some rezz picures of other things they are emotionally attached to.

Nadja Revnik: Oh, Syx Toshi is Tsunami surfer as well?
/comment Syx Toshi: Lead Monkey and owner of the famous Monkey Surf Paradise.
Abel Halderman: Yes he is. He has not competed yet tho.
Nadja Revnik: There is no team Monkey?
Abel Halderman: As for now I don't think there is. Syx is a supporter to the team and generally to surfing. Love the guy. He has organized some of the best competitions ever.
Nadja Revnik: Hot chicks on the wall as well!
Abel Halderman: Oh! What can I say: we like beauty I guess...lol.
Nadja Revnik: Well, well...
Abel Halderman: Some of the surf legends are here too: Pova Rustamova for example. 2008 Season 1 champion. Then Wilfrid DeCuir 2008 Season 2 Champion.
Nadja Revnik: Well thanks for tour to your three favorite surf locations....

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