Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vibes team captain Buffy Munro speaks about surfing - SL Surfing Part 3

Nadja Revnik: Wellcome Miss Munro! Finally a female surfer! For how long do you surf in SL?
Buffy Munro: Since 2007! A long time now. Haha.
Nadja Revnik: Wow, yei!
Nadja Revnik: Is it your birthyear?
Buffy Munro: Yes.
Nadja Revnik: Did you start right away?
Buffy Munro: But I joined SL in Feb and I didn't find surfing until about October.
Nadja Revnik: Ah, ok ,-) How did you come to surfing back then?
Buffy Munro: I was in a club one night and got talking to this guy. I'd only been in and out of SL a bit. I'd not done much at all in SL and he asked if I had been to any beaches and I had not, so he tp'd me to a fantastic beach...Majini Island ;-)
Nadja Revnik: It seems everyone started there; me as well ;-)
Buffy Munro: Hehe, was a fantastic place. I got on my first SL surf board that night.
Nadja Revnik: Still got it?
Buffy Munro: No, VW was on the beach and he lent me one. Couldn't believe you could do that in SL! Haha.
Nadja Revnik: Ah, heh, same here...as well got a board rezzed by VW, when I surfed the first time. But I can't remember which year I started.
Buffy Munro: LOL.
Nadja Revnik: But didn't made it to become team captain ;-)
Buffy Munro: Hehe.
Nadja Revnik: Prolly too lazy.
Buffy Munro: LOL!
Buffy Munro: I very rarely left Majini after that.
Nadja Revnik: Vibes was already founded that days?
/comment Vibes is the team where my interview partner is team captain at. 

Buffy at new Vibes club house at Vibes beach.

Buffy Munro: Yes, just.
Nadja Revnik:  And what makes SL surfing special for you?
Buffy Munro: It was always the people really....I have enjoyed competing in the past but I get dead nervous! Just the people I have met have made it so special.
Nadja Revnik: :-)
Buffy Munro: A lot of people come and go, but certain ones remain ....I was just thinking last night that this is going to be the 4th Christmas that I have known certain people here.
Nadja Revnik: That's nice!
Buffy Munro: Maybe been here to long. ROFL
Nadja Revnik: Lol. Does your clicker surf as well?
Buffy Munro: My what?
Nadja Revnik: Lol. The RL person behind your avatar.
Buffy Munro: Oh real me. ROFL. Bit slow...haha.
/comment Miss Munro seems to like to laugh a lot ;-)
Nadja Revnik: ;-)
Buffy Munro: Well, I used to live in Newquay, England, which is a well known surf town. I can't say I've ever been the best surfer in RL but always enjoyed trying LOL. I'm better on a body board...haha...surfers nightmare. LOL
Nadja Revnik: Well, fun is most important, eh?
Buffy Munro: I am more balanced in SL.Lmao.
Nadja Revnik: Heh. What is the job of a team captain?
Buffy Munro: I recruit, be there for them all, pick scoring surfers in the comps, as only 5 can count for team points, attempt to have meetings that usually turn in to a party!
Nadja Revnik: Last part seems to be fun! ;-)
Buffy Munro: Haha. Always happens. They are a great bunch of people.
Nadja Revnik: Should surf more and get on a team to party more. ;-P
Buffy Munro: Vibers really is about the fun. I would never ask them to do anything, if they don't want to compete, it doesn't mean they are not on the team anymore...my little family.
Nadja Revnik: ;-)

SLSA award ceremony 2010

Buffy Munro: We are a small team and we won this season! Wooohoo!!! Hahaaa. I've waited ages for that moment.
Nadja Revnik: The whole season? Great!
Buffy Munro: It feels great! ;-)
Nadja Revnik: Grats on this!
Buffy Munro: thx :)
Nadja Revnik: And saturday you will be honored?
Buffy Munro: Yes! I have to accept the trophy, hehe.
Nadja Revnik: Heh, hope you ate enough.
Buffy Munro: Been looking for something to wear. ROFL
Nadja Revnik: Oh yei, for the press pics ;-)
Buffy Munro: Haha.
Nadja Revnik: And I have a last question as well: why do you think people engage in sports in SL in general?
Buffy Munro: Personally, as I said before I did it because I got hooked on the people...I can't speak for others....freedom maybe? They are able to do something they couldn't necessarily do in RL.
Nadja Revnik: Thanks for the fun interview Miss Munro!

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