Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surf Safari Part II - Surfing with Rayzza Rubble

Nadja Revnik: Mr. Rubble, thank you for taking over the surf beach you think you can keep Mr. Haldermans standards?
Rayzza Rubble: Noo, he's a bit more techy than me.
First stop is Tai
Nadja Revnik: Well, do your best for my readers then and maybe you are more competent on the sexy fem surfers in the Chai team?
Rayzza Rubble: Am good with owner is an aussie, then there's Desi , she's german...both nice :)
Nadja Revnik: Ah, another german girl (like me). Tell my male readers, is one of them single? And as well sexy?
Rayzza Rubble: Yes, one of SL's top surfers, too.
Nadja Revnik: Well, in case those are not into girls ;-)
Rayzza Rubble: Umm, they bat for the rong team for us blokes.
Nadja Revnik: ???  In normal English please?
Rayzza Rubble: Leso's.
Nadja Revnik: Both?
Rayzza Rubble: Yes, they are partners.
Nadja Revnik: Oh and taken as well..sigh.
Nadja Revnik: So it's a Cortes and Fluffys here? Talking about waves again...can't gossip all day long ;-)

Rayzza Rubble: Yes! This cortez was the first one in SL. We had the first ever cortez surf comp here.

Nadja Revnik: What's special about surfing fluffies?
Rayzza Rubble: They are hard to ride. Easy to fall of the wave. I enjoy them.
/comment Meanwhile I learned my lessons about fluffies trying to surf those...well known surfer VW gave me a lecture when they were on at Vibes Beach and it took me a while to get those. So, really a challenge!
Nadja Revnik: So is this the beach of any team?
Rayzza Rubble: Not that I know off.
Nadja Revnik: Ok. A public then.
Rayzza Rubble: I've not been a fan of teams, but joined Reef Riders to get Jordan back in the water only this last season.
/comment Reef Riders home can be found at Bundoran Reef.

Rayzza Rubble: Ok, on to Chi.

Rayzza Rubble: The SLSA has a comp here or next door each season.
Nadja Revnik: So, tell me about the waves.
Rayzza Rubble: Here we have pipes and fluffies. I find the pipes hardest of the lot, but that's personal.
Nadja Revnik: And is this a team beach?
Rayzza Rubble: Maybe for team Chi, I'm not sure. I don't keep up with teams.
Nadja Revnik: Those clouds are funny...its a sphere off sim. Haven't seen those before.

Rayzza Rubble: Yes, its a huge skybox.
Nadja Revnik: Reminds me of The Trueman Show ;-)
Rayzza Rubble: Ok, let me show you what's up in the sky.

Nadja Revnik: Funny.
Rayzza Rubble: Every SSI board ever made on display is here.

Nadja Revnik: SSI?
Rayzza Rubble: It's the only brand board that is allowed in the SLSA surf comps.
Nadja Revnik: What means SSI in long?
Rayzza Rubble: Surf Systems Inc.
Nadja Revnik: Ok.

Nadja Revnik: So, where to now, Mr. Rubble? Is there something the world waits to see..a hidden paradise? Dream of any massages after surfing?
Rayzza Rubble: You got warm toes??
Nadja Revnik: Not really, want to tp to Monkey Beach? ;-P
/comment Our landlord is the best in world, but for my taste he enjoys winter too much and invited snow to the main beach in the Xmas season. ;-) Brrrrrrr....
Rayzza Rubble: No! Gonna take you to a winter surf spot.
Nadja Revnik: Uhoh...
Rayzza Rubble: See if it's still there, sure it is.

Playa Sol Mananero - Winter SOLstice

Nadja Revnik: Omy, its freezing. Can i be afk for 2 to get a tea?
Nadja Revnik: Polar lights even!
Rayzza Rubble: As well whales and seals!
Nadja Revnik: It sure is special, even if very cold!
Rayzza Rubble: It is very nice here!
Nadja Revnik: Who's is it?
Rayzza Rubble: It belongs to Jac and Sunhine.
Nadja Revnik: Is it winter here all the time?
Rayzza Rubble: I've only found this recently and was being transformed last time I was here. the water is too cold for me.
Nadja Revnik: Heh, I bet. Chicken! ;-P I hate snow but this sim is beautiful. They did a really great job.
Rayzza Rubble: Yes, is amazing.

Rayzza Rubble: There are more surf sims these are just a few. But def the best.
Nadja Revnik: Mr. Rubble you might have something in your pockets the seals freak out..listen to their noises.Rayzza Rubble: Beats chest!!!
Nadja Revnik: Heeeelp...
Rayzza Rubble: Oohh ohh ahh ahh!!
Rayzza Rubble: Got any spare nanas??
Nadja Revnik: Time to go home to the Monkeys? ;-P
Rayzza Rubble: Hhehehee.
Nadja Revnik: Prolly frozen bananas at the beach.
Rayzza Rubble: Yeah, snow does that.
Nadja Revnik: Well, Mr. Rubble thanks for the second tour part you joined in. I will go on another day when I recovered from being tpsick.

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