Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meeting well known Aussie Rayzza Rubble - Surf Safari & Interview Part 2

Nadja Revnik: Welcome Mr. Rubble! How long do you surf already in Second Life?
Rayzza Rubble: Since day 3, I met an aussie girl at (now sunken) Pondi Beach, Siouxe, she showed me you could ride waves in SL.
Nadja Revnik: Day three of your existence?
Rayzza Rubble: By day 3 I'd found Monkey Cove and never left.
Nadja Revnik: Let me check how old are you!? 1034 days, wow! About my age then...
Rayzza Rubble: Good
Nadja Revnik: So it was 1031 days ago?
Rayzza Rubble: Yes, it was!Nadja Revnik: What kept you surfing for such a long time?
Rayzza Rubble: I surf in RL and like the laid back atmosphere here at the cove.
/comment with cove he refers to Monkey Cove!
Nadja Revnik: Yei, I understand that very well.Rayzza Rubble: It is nice and quiet here most of the time.
Nadja Revnik: And what makes surfing as a sport in SL special? Is there something that fascinates you in particular?Rayzza Rubble: I just do it for fun. A lot of the surfers that compete are really serious about it, but not me. Surf comps to me are about getting together with your friends for a day at the beach, having fun and laugh. I dont care, if I win or loose. It's about comaraderie:
Nadja Revnik: So it's mostly a community thing why you surf?
Rayzza Rubble: Yes!
Nadja Revnik: ;-)
Rayzza Rubble: Not to many weirdos surf...
Nadja Revnik: I heard someone say, taking a wave in SL feels similar to taking a wave in RL..he feels the thrill surfing it something that you feel as well?
Rayzza Rubble: Not really, my arms don't ache from paddeling in SL, and it can be snowing and I don't need to pee in my wetsuit to stay
Nadja Revnik: Lol...You do that in RL?
Rayzza Rubble: If u got to go, you got to go!
Nadja Revnik: ;-) I never thought about that aspect ;-P
Rayzza Rubble: 99% of surfers have peed in their wetsuits...FACT!!!
Nadja Revnik: Ack...
/Comment /note never borrow a wetsuit if start surfing in rl
Rayzza Rubble: I rinse my wetsuits after every surf in fresh water.
Nadja Revnik: Ok, but I will always think about that now :-P.Rayzza Rubble: Lol.
Nadja Revnik: Well, you already answered one of my surf in RL as well!?
Rayzza Rubble: Yes, I do! I ride longboards in RL, nothing under 9 ft long.
Nadja Revnik: Why do you think people engage in sports in SL in general?
Rayzza Rubble: It's a good way to meet peeps and you find friends for life, good friends.
Nadja Revnik: I like the surf culture, but to be honest, I'm far too lazy to surf much nowadays in SL. I did a few textures for boards. Doing more of that would be more interesting then surfing itself, but I for sure like the people on surf sims.
Rayzza Rubble: Yeah, they are pretty easy maintence surfers, just give em a wave and they are happy. I enjoy designing boards as well.
Nadja Revnik: Lol. But there's a difference between Tuli/Mori and Monkey, I found out already. It's even more friendly here. What would you say makes Monkey special and outstanding before other surf sims?
Rayzza Rubble: It is! It's a nice place! Well, we got the best landlord in SL I think here at the cove. Syx is the BEST!
Nadja Revnik: Are you engaged in any organisations surf related?
Rayzza Rubble: I am the director of the Australian Surf Association (ASA).
Rayzza Rubble: I also just opened up Pray 4 Surf, a surf company. Making surfwear and some really cool boards for comp surfers.

Pray 4 Surf @ Monkey Paw

Nadja Revnik: What's a directors job?
Rayzza Rubble: Head comps parties
Nadja Revnik: Parties, eh ? ;-PRayzza Rubble: Yeah, the ASA was formed for us aussies, so we can have comps in our time zone. Not having to get up at 4 am to surf a SLSA comp is heaven for us ausies.
Nadja Revnik: Is the ASA a competition to the SLSA?
Rayzza Rubble: No, it's like it's lil bro. They help us alot, the SLSA, although we don't have all the red tape and rules and regulations. It's more a fun thing for us.Nadja Revnik: Nice!
Rayzza Rubble: I have noticed it's a whole different vibe, the aussie comps. Mainly cause we just want to have fun and carry on like lil kids at the beach.

Little kids playing at the beach ;-)

Don't miss the next blog report, where Rayzza Rubble will tell us about three famous surf spots of his choice.

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