Sunday, February 6, 2011

SL Surf Association Valentin Intermezzo

Tonight I met MaryAnn Maa at the Archipelago (, who is the Second Life Surf Association (SLSA) Host. We talked about how the SLSA finances its surf beach and the Hall of Fame. Actual a valentine date auction is on and there are 7 more days left to bid on hot surf chicks and guys. I recommend to have a look and support the SLSA by bidding on a date. I myself did a last minute entry to it, will research Valentins day and its possibilities in Second Life and chill afterwards as a reward with my date. As well I hope it's someone creative, whom I could make a cowriter or photographer for the article about that event. ;-)

Nadja Revnik: What's the work of an SLSA host? You arn't one of the five directors?
MaryAnn Maa: No, I'm not in management at all, my job is to think up ways to earn the sim tiers for the Archipelago: Home of the Hall of Fame and some great surfing,
SLSA also has parties and  Awards ceremonys here. A Surfing Class too ;-)
/comment My last interview partner Abel Halderman is one of the surf teachers. And guess what...he's on the auction board as well.
Nadja Revnik: Did you get chosen by vote or took the job?
MaryAnn Maa: My wonderful friend Colleen Brennan suggested me for the job.
MaryAnn Maa: This is the second auction I have done for them...
/comment She means the SLSA, which she actually wanted to mention a bit more often then done Nadja Revnik: So you are the host for a certain time or since you will get old and grey ;-)?
/comment What for sure will never happen in SL. ;-P
MaryAnn Maa: Hummm, good question, ha ha.
MaryAnn Maa: If they ask me, I do it ..
Nadja Revnik: Are you the first SLSA host?
MaryAnn Maa: Officially maybe, in this fund raising position.
Nadja Revnik: So auctions are one part of fundraising. What else dod you do for that?
MaryAnn Maa: They have events to raise money.
MaryAnn Maa: I have thrown a few parties here, special occasions, dancing entertainers, some fun times.
MaryAnn Maa: I decorated the sim for a halloween ball.
Nadja Revnik: Ok, in general all entertaining things. ;-)
MaryAnn Maa: What ever they let me do or I can sneak in.
/comment We won't imagine what she thoughts of and wasn't allowed to do there already ;-)
Nadja Revnik: Heh.
MaryAnn Maa: lol
Nadja Revnik: When did the valentine auction start off. Wasn't it pretty early?
MaryAnn Maa: Yes, started very early, 3 weeks ago.
Nadja Revnik: And did you have to push the volunteers or did they do it by free will. ;-)
MaryAnn Maa: Bid's seems to come in, in bunches, slow that wham flooded.
MaryAnn Maa: I did a bit of begging, but we have such great people in the surfing community, so was not too hard getting people to offer themselves as a date.
Nadja Revnik: Astonishing more female than male people applied. You have any reason for that?
MaryAnn Maa: Not really sure, but I will say this: the women know how to bid , war's. lolol
MaryAnn Maa: The men are a bit shy!
/comment Wake up MEN! ;-)
Nadja Revnik: lol
MaryAnn Maa: Worried they wont get bid on.
MaryAnn Maa: And we have some very nice looking men and women on the boards.
Nadja Revnik: I see Milo Voss has the highest bid of all with 10.500 L$ you tell what makes him so expensive?
/comment That's more than double my rent.
MaryAnn Maa: He said he was buying calogne..............have not been close enough to give him a sniff.
Nadja Revnik: Heh.
MaryAnn Maa: We will have to ask the highest bidder that one, I better add ...
MaryAnn Maa: I think everyone would be a good sport about going out with winners. The dats is 2 hours long and should be PG rated, after the 2 hours, SLSA is not responsible.
Nadja Revnik: lol
MaryAnn Maa: We have 2 dogs up there........!  That says it all. lol
Nadja Revnik: ack i wont imagine
Nadja Revnik: Well i see in Milos profile his skills are kissing...might have attracted someone.
MaryAnn Maa: Pucker Power! Hummmmmm. Maybe that and the cologne.
Nadja Revnik: Did Juna change his picture to raise bids?
MaryAnn Maa: Who cares,  it's nice to look at...Omg dont write that! haha
/comment Sorry ;-) I thought it's good promotion ;_)
Nadja Revnik: Some totally unknown chicks on the board as well.
Nadja Revnik: Looseleaf resident for example....
MaryAnn Maa: The photos are very easy on the eyes, I tend to dillydally here after working.
Nadja Revnik: heh
MaryAnn Maa: Yes, all will have bids. We have some high bids and we hope everyone has a chance to bid within  their means.
MaryAnn Maa: I think we have 4 ladies and 1 man needing  bids. Not bad! And a week left.
Nadja Revnik: And what about you? ;-) Did you already place a bid?
MaryAnn Maa: Yes i did......
MaryAnn Maa: I went for the puppy dog Surf Rang.
Nadja Revnik: Oh, I thought that was the skeleton you Bid on there. ;_)
Nadja Revnik: lol
MaryAnn Maa: Last auction he offered dumpster diving, this date chasing cats.
Nadja Revnik: Chasing cats sounds fun....thought about special ones?
MaryAnn Maa: The puppy in the picture, I think is eyeing the bones.  ;-)
MaryAnn Maa: Maybe a visit to Zooby and chase em all.
Nadja Revnik: Heh.
MaryAnn Maa: lol
Nadja Revnik: And do all dates have happen on SL monday exactly? How do people arrange with time zones?
MaryAnn Maa: No, bidder and date, I will notify each, then it is up to them to make the actual dating time.
Nadja Revnik: Ok, I'm very curious, what people will tell after their dates. ;-)
MaryAnn Maa: Auctions ends Sunday Feb 13th at noon SLT. I will notify everyone with in the next day or so.
MaryAnn Maa: I did remember to mention SLSA?  haha
Nadja Revnik: Heh. Now you did ;-)

So what are you waiting for........your next tp stop should be:

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