Monday, November 22, 2010

Time for Vacations

Can an avatar like me be in the need for vacations? My life was pretty busy with finding new homes and other stuff lately, so I feel slightly stressed and in a way uncentered. Even if I found a great new home already, have nice new (old ones as well) neighbors and moved in with my writing desk, I feel the need to escape from my usual avatar life. I need rest. I feel exhausted, given I can feel anything...
When I was looking for a new home I accidently found a vacation resort for avatars. You can't rent permanent homes there - it's for four weeks max. I decided to go on vacation, when my new home is set up and guess what..that's now. I never had any vacations so far. And it seems to be kind of experiment. Our avatar life in second life is busy with IM's or teleporting to other places. I won't do either. And as well I will be invisible for all my friends the week I am staying at the resort. I will blog each day, how I feel, what I explore..well how avatar vacations are. First I stay alone, but after some days my friend Sylvia will join me and we do a girls weekend.
Please join me on that trip by reading my blog and posting comments!

Hey! Ho! Let's Go (The Ramones)

"Die magische Kraft der Reise liegt darin, daß sie ds Leben reinigt, bevor man es einrichtet und ausschmückt." (Nicolas Bouvier)

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