Saturday, November 27, 2010

Explosive Summarization of Experience on Day 5

"Die starke Verdichtung von Tätigkeiten, Entscheidungen und Informationen erzeugt in den modernen Arbeitsformen neue Formen von Stress, die zu Rastlosigkeit führen. Der allseits flexible Mensch setzt diese innere und äußere Rastlosigkeit in der Freizeit fort, wenn Handy, Internet und PKW enorme Beschleunigug versprechen und unter dem Diktat des Zeitsparens und gleichzeitigen Konsumierens immer mehr "Flow"-Erlebnisse gesucht werden. Authetisches Leben wird auf diese Weise zur geheimen Sehnsucht, die im Urlaub ausgelebt werden soll. Die Rückkehr zur Natur, die Suche nach dem und den Frendem, die Verschmelzung mit dem Ursprünglichen wird zum zentralen Beweggrund des Reisens." (Hans-Werner Prahl)

I try once again: "The intense summarization of tasks, decisions and information produces in modern working methods new forms of stress, which lead to restlessness. The always flexible human continues that inner and outer restlessness, when mobile phone, internet and automobiles promise vast acceleration and within the dictate of time saving and simultaneous consuming the search for more and more flow experiences goes on. This way authentic life is getting a secret desire, which should be acted out in vacation. The return to nature, the search of the other and the foreign, the melting with the original is becoming the central reason to travel."

Today - suprise, suprise - Sylvia came to visit me at Oahu. She was one day early, but I didn't blame her as there was not much more to do or think on Oahu. I even managed to reduced my inventory from nearly 10.000 items to less than 9.000. When do you have time to do such things usually???
So now we could start our hardcore tourist program. The chase for tourist attractions and concentrated amusement began after I picked her up, because she got lost on biiiiiiig Oahu island - seems so tiny to me after five days.

Showing Sylvia our hut.

We kinied up and after a short rest on our deck we went for exploration.

First we did the hula....

Shake your hips...

..and then we tried every technical attraction...but we couldn't rezz a scooter.

The aero-putter did not work either...

Skydiving did not work, even as we payed for it...

We didn't get any champaign at the beach or a meal in mermaids paradise.

Bad service...

The drive in cinema did not work for us, but made Sylvia freak out:

[14:02]  Sylvia Scribe: 'Oh Rockly I love you win for me!'
[14:02]  Sylvia Scribe: 'yes I will I will do it again and again and again!'
[14:02]  Sylvia Scribe: 'oh no please...just 6 times is a charm!'
[14:03]  Sylvia Scribe: 'oh baby you are so hot I want to may love to you in the mermaid garden'
[14:03]  Sylvia Scribe: 'Oh rocky you are so manly (mmm ooohh)

---No comment---

If we would have been two blondes, well, then I'd maybe think, it might be our fault, but Sylvia is a bruenette. She asked me if there is anything working here and I replied:

"Yes, idleness!"

Surprisingly water sports worked well.

Riding speed whales.
Had no idea I am such a pro at jetskiing.
Baywatch for your safety
Then we decided to look for communicating people. We started at the beach.

The words were as rich in content as his muscles...but he spoke!!!
Failt forming a band..
[13:09]  Sylvia Scribe: Lalalaaa yaaaahhhhh ohhhhh mmmm llallalalla
[13:09]  Sylvia Scribe shouts: Feel free to talk to me! I don't bite!!!!
[13:09]  Avatar XY shouts: ok thank you!
[13:10]  Sylvia Scribe shouts: LOL! NP...everyone seems to run away when I say hi!

Sylvia then shouted out loud that people shouldn't be afraid to talk to her and ended up in an IM. It didn't help to fill the band, but made her flee when the guy was afk. Well in total we didn't have much success. Even the direct neighbor to our hut did not answer our greetings. Something wrong here?

Whilst writing this - still on Oahu - my direct neighbor freaks me out manipulating the radio. Either the huts were connected in radio streams or this is her way of communicating. Strange vacationist! 

Petting kittens.
It was pretty exhausting after all to hunt for communication and adventures, so we chilled a bit at the bar, till I had weird thoughts.

Wishing a Cystitis?
[13:28]  Nadja Revnik: you can sit her and drink and then pee into the pool afterwards to get rid of it
[13:29]  Sylvia Scribe: hahahaah
[13:29]  Nadja Revnik: omy lets get out we might not be the first...

And so our exciting day at Oahu ended tired in bed. I am happy I could share a part of my Oahu experience with a really good friend. We both dreamed to go home on the next day and sometimes dreams come true ;-)

Seeya at home...XOXO MissR.

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