Thursday, November 25, 2010

Leisure Time on Day 3

Leisure seemed to be the subject of my third day on Oahu. I start to merge with idleness, too lazy to move away from my hut. Some say idleness is the beginning of all vice - so let's see what follows....probably times change when Sylvia will arrive.
I started the day reading in pys lying on the armchair....that's a part I love about vacations, you can start the day easy without hectic. And guess what, as an avatar I don't even have to care about coffee or breakfast at all. That saves a lot of time, great or what do you think?

Chill, chill, chill..
I did read a travel guide about Oahu Island to find out, how to spend the next days. Reading it, I as well recognized that a very good friend is what's missing in my vacations. Good that Sylvia will arrive on saturday. I bet she can't wait to join me watching Rocky 6 at the local drive in movie theatre. As well I found out there is an anual Miss Hawaiian Contest on Oahu - next time, when I search for adventure density, I might travel here about that time. 

At the end I made a To Do List for the rest of my vacation:

- Count different animals on sim
- Go fishing
- Surf
- Go diving at mermaid hangout
- Visit drive in cinema
- Find someone for a sudden marriage to try out wedding chappel----kidding
- Visit greeting bot for more information
- Visit art exhibtion again
- Explore neighbor island
- Try out all places for relaxation

Do it like the Monkeys do...

The postman found my mailbox on Oahu and I recieved a postcard from home. Thanks P.!

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