Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 2 of Resort Holidays

When I woke up it was still dark or again? How shall I know? And how shall I know if I supposed to be jetlagged? In which timezone might Oahu be? And related to which other? Actually we just have one timezone in Second Life - SLT. But the residents seem to have a different relation to that one. Does time matter at all? But I fear that's a bigger topic not made for vacations, when the clock's ticking different anyways.
Usually holiday is conceived as relaxation and as well made to a composition of tempo and experience density (see Prahl from the Real World). Let's start with relaxation...

Grumpy watching TV?

I stood up and as I can't talk with my friends on vacation, I thought about what to do...I never watched TV in SL, but now I tried out the metaverseTV. A show named Grumpy Old Avatars caught my eye. It was a talk show, informative and a bit funny as the title promised. TV seems to be an alternative activity as avatars would not spend their freetime watching trash, won't they?

Daylight view

But well, isn't life in Second Life about communication and meeting people? So when dawn had broken I went out to explore the island and meet people as the security orb does not only keep out unwanted visitors. It keeps out wanted distraction as well. I was partly successful making contacs. They were not many avatars around, but when I walked a beach I saw someone stranded on a surfboard. I tried to talk to him about his situation, but he must have passed out and even the dolphin laughed about him.

Some are better at surfing than others...

I saw some other people at the beach and said hi. The answer was: 
 Whatever this means....
Most avatars I met seemed to be busy with relaxation and not up for a talk and I started to feel a bit bored. So I checked out the shops at the beach. You can shop surf gear, hawaiian clothes even for men, very unpractical boots for a sandy area, tons of flip flops as well, can get a new tattoo and more. If I'd been male, I would have bought the hula skirt, but in my case I saved a lot of money buying nothing.

Nice spot for vacation photos.

After a while of unsuccessfully searching for communication, I ended up sunbathing on my deck. 

Even paradise can be boring...

I saw the owner of the local art gallery on my minimap and as IMs within the vacation region are allowed, I told her, I really like the actual exhibition from an african artist in the Gallery Fermate. You should see the paintings yourself and travel to Oahu (it's in the main building in the middle of the sim)!

Starshine in front of her Gallery Fermate at Oahu.

After dusk I lay down in my bed to sleep again with the thoughts that after all on day two of my vacation I met someone really interesting and nice. Btw Starshine as well is a reporter for Stream Scene - a music magazine on metaverseTV. It's worth a look!

Good night ;-) XOXO MissR

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