Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving always includes a transformation.

Actually my next post should have been one about the Miss Oahu pageant contest I participated over a month ago. But I was pretty exhausted and needed time to recover and there was more important things in life than a pageant. Being first, second or which place ever in a pageant is a luxury problem, which I will write about, when I feel like it later.

So anyways, I again did move.....well my clicker did in real life. And guess what...I suddenly had the need to change somehow as well. I guess that's, what the weird unspoken connection of me and my clicker is about. I guess any avatar has that connection to its clicker, or what do you think? We never speak, but we transport thoughts of the other to the visible. Well, it would be kinda weird, if I'd speak to my clicker, wasn't it? Something like:
"Hey's going tonight? What can I do to amuse you tonight? Let's find you a boytoy or what you'd like?"
So, to avoid awkward conversations like this, I am better in guessing, what my clickers needs are. And at that point I felt, she needed some change in here as well.

I had such a nice place, which even was used as a movie scenery. I was told people come to the Cove to check out my place and some were sad it had to go....I was too! It was comfy, probably too comfy for my clickers dark minded time. As we never have any conversations, she didn't tell what was up. I am just here to transport feelings and I bet, she didn't even know herself what all was about, at the time she let me remove my pretty home and replace it with a creepy skysphere home at 10.000 meters.  So actually I moved only in high, as Monkeys is still home to me.

My time up in the sky didn't last very long though.  The quiet and creepy place was just right to let my clicker think and think and look at the creepiness, think again and finally made the decision to move down to the beach again and build up something different again down there.

Something must have happened, but as we never talk, I have no idea what. Besides my favorite neighbor told me all the time, its not the same to life in the sky. She was right, but I think it was a necessary experience to "us". It took a while as always to have a version of the new home that "we" were happy with. And funnily the color palette was a totally different then ever before.

As often the feelings and emotions are there before we even recognize what the change means for the real life of our clicker. But I am sure she will find out soon!

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