Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Clickers Bookshelf...looking for volunteers

Well, even if we don't talk my clicker seems to read my blog ;-) By accident she grabbed a book from her collection yesterday and found herself looking at that one, which funnily kinda is related to my last blog entry:

It's not only interesting from a historical point of view, as it includes several snapshots to german living rooms at the start of the eighties and is referring to the master living room called "Die Gute Stube". As well it has texts in it, dealing with the question, if an apartment can be a mirror of the soul of its inhabitants or not. Another one asking what makes an apartment a home and an introduction from Manfred Sack from which I wanna cite now:

"...still in many of our living rooms the ruddy "Gute Stube" is alive, this tidy stage on which the inhabitants perform in front of their friends, relatives and visitors (in front of themselves) instead of using this room to really live in. Actually the apartment is not just only a number of rooms, in which one makes themselves comfortable and organizes the allday life, but like clothing a means of expression, a way of language, to express themselves. It provides a feeling of security and consistency, its as comfortable as possible - but as well it allows the inhabitant to represent him/herself and feel connected to him/her ideal of being, and this nearly always one level above on the social ladder as in real..
So most of us reside not like they really are, but like they dream to be or claim to be. [...]"

This somehow sounds kinda familiar related to second life and I will try to follow this track and am looking for people now, who would be so kind to let me portrait them in their SL "living room". If you wanna model for me, please write me a note in Second Life!

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