Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today's The BIG Day

I wrote my introduction, bought new shoes, chose my outfits and even fixed my I guess I'm well prepared for the 2011 Miss Tropic Hawaiian Peagan Contest at Oahu Sim in the Bruddah Iz Amphitheater.
I remembered when writing about my vacation at Oahu, that I have to come back, when the Sim is more populated. And recognizing that there is this peagant once a year - this year the 4th time. So my decision to be back at Oahu that day was made month ago, but the decision to participate last minute. I'm usually not the girl going for fashion events or any kinda beauty contests. Beauty is very subjective and I never liked commercial beauty. My clicker though likes to watch "Project Runway" once in a while and creating fashion is an art as any art. Today I will wear a high fashion gown and my swimwear will be very classy, instead of very slutty - which I always try to avoid. So if you wanna see a side of me, which you never experience in allday life, you should come by at Oahu Sim. Today no "Rockstar" hair, no boots, no leisure clothes or surf wear. And I'm very curious, how it will feel, being there....maybe I need some days of vacation and stick at Oahu afterwards, when I find someone joining me ;-)

Read more about the event here :

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