Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Win one week vacations on your own little island in the Monkey area

Unfortunately life - even Second Life - provides challenges more often than you would wish. I guess - as in the place called Real Life - it's the quest to make the best out of it. So, you readers are the lucky ones standing to benefit from recent happenings in my life and may win a free vacation on a cozy little island. This competition provides a connection between the last and upcoming blog series as well: vacation and sports, as Monkey is one of the best known high quality surf regions in our world. All you have to do to participate is sending me reasons (via notecard, post or mail), why you should get this vacation. It's a rezzday present to me as well, to be able to offer this price on my 3rd rezzday.
Looking forward to many participants ;-) and don't forget to vote in the actual poll! Madonna already sang!

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