Saturday, December 4, 2010

Old Poll - New Poll

It's been a while, but the vacation poll is over and I guess I needed a vacation from vacation. The result is that 75% voted that every creature needs a break and 25% that there is no special vacation for avatars needed as the whole avatar life is a holiday. Well, I voted for vacations, but since I am back home I can say for myself that it could differ from a humans vacation. It is not important to go to a place and hang there for a certain time. It may as well be a vacation in "logged off" land. It's more about time than place....Time to concentrate on who you are and what you don't wanna become.

Anyways I am happy to be back in my new new home...the fifth now in the last half year, the 8th in SL in total. May my forth avatar life year in the new new home begin great! It's my rezzday next week and I can't believe I become three.

As well I start the new sports series soon...just came back home from SLSA surfing competitions and set up interviews for the surf special. And in some minutes you can vote in the new SL sports poll.

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