Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Every year short before xmas the countdown starts clicking till the new year starts. I hear it loud and clear....

First of all the deadline for the weekly vacation at Monkeys will be till the 24th of december..than santa will pick the winner and the holidays can still time to particiapate and write me a note, why you should spend a week vacations at Monkeys.

I'm still researching for the sports series, but won't start posting, before I don't have a complete over all view on things. I already found great sports, a lot of fun and nice sports communities and changed my opinion about sports on SL completely. Read more about it....latest in the new year.

I had six different homes this year and I hope the next year won't bring too much changes related to living space. I'm happy, where I ended up finally and hope to stay here for long. As I have very nice neighbors in a peaceful region.

Anyways there's still a lot to learn about Second Life and the people in it. This year - after 2 years without a propper private avatar life - I had ups and downs. I decided to have more leisure time and learned to know really nice people and really weird people as well, honest and trustful ones, dishonest and messy ones as well. It was like a cruise backwards in time, when I began living in Second Life and I had to make certain experiences. I brushed those up and luckily less intensity and less emotional involvement was needed to remember the variety of minds in this world. It's seldom but for this reason even more appreciated to meet honest and nice people with the heart at the right place. People who are even worth my clickers thoughts. I'm happy I met some of those and hope to keep the good memories of 2010 for a long time.

To all my readers relaxed holidays and a good start to 2011!

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