Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wrestling Coaching - Imagine The Pain

Dressed up for sports I met Nina Prater "The Face of Lace" in a lagfree skybox for an individual wrestling training.

Nina Prater: Lemme take you through, what we do in a match.
Nadja Revnik: Ok.
Nina Prater: From OUR side of things, when we walk up to the ring, we turn on every wrestling HUD we'll need: EDGE, ACPWS.
/comment The wresting HUD is available at: Kings And Queens Wrestling Gear
Nadja Revnik: Ok.
Nina Prater: I'm not sure how much detail you want, so m'gonna be a chatterbox.
Nadja Revnik: Great! ;-) I take notes ;-) and let me fall to the ground if needed. ;-)
Nina Prater: Hmmm! OK! When the wrestlers get to this point, they need to get in the ring in their own way, with some style. Some just get in...and then some of us, GET IN!
/comment Nina enters the ring spectaculous at this point of the a real wrestling star. You should visit a wrestling event to see that:
Nina Prater smiles and waves.
Nina Prater: See?
Nadja Revnik: Those animations are in another HUD?
Nina Prater: Nope, they're custom made. Some wrestlers get customized stuff all the time.
Larry102 Panthar: Nina makes them! :)
Nina Prater: It enhances their look!
Nadja Revnik: Ah, I thought a chance for a new business. ;-P
Nina Prater: When the wrestlers get in and are introduced, s'when all of the posturing really comes into play. For this part, turn off your AO, please?
Nadja Revnik: My private animation overrider, yes!?
Nina Prater: Yes, you're good now.
Nadja Revnik prepares for aches...
Nina Prater: Depending on where you're going to watch wrestling in SL, Nadja, you'll see most matches start off with a "who's gonna start stronger" move. Like this: s'a close quarters thing.
Nadja Revnik: Ui...
Nina Prater: Then you'll see one person take the initiative.

Nadja Revnik: Outsch!
Nina Prater: Or like this:...
Nadja Revnik: That hurt!

Nina Prater: Mhmm! Taking those hits early on, set the pace for the rest of the bout.
Nadja Revnik: And just one of the wrestlers controls at time?
Nina Prater: One wrestler does their moves at a time, mhmm. BUT, sometimes, accidents do happen.
Nina Prater winces...

Nadja Revnik: Ack.
Nina Prater: I want you do this for me. Hit F12. Ok, good. Now I want you to type " / clothesline", but don't hit Enter yet. Hit ENTER when I come at you.
Nina Prater: Ouch! A double clothesline! s'an accident that DOES happen.
Nadja Revnik: And now we wait for the ambuance? Call 911 Larry!
Nina Prater: No ambulances unless one of us is bleeding, Nadja! We have to get up!
Nadja Revnik: Oha!
Nina Prater: The show MUST go on! Yeah...ouch.

Nadja Revnik: So where are the hurtful get up anis?
Nina Prater: type / getuphurt. See?
Nadja Revnik: Ok, those are the gestures in the folder I guess?
Nina Prater: Yes! And so much can go wrong in a wrestling match, Nadja.
Nadja Revnik: One can crash. ;-P
Nina Prater: Oh yes! It happens, too. We go through our matches in practices numerous times and sometimes the whole pace can be offset, if a move isn't done right or is skipped. The best match we can put on for a crowd is one where they don't know we messed up!
Nadja Revnik:: Lol.
Nina Prater: M'serious! S'gotta all look natural or the crowd won't believe it. S'just like any other performance art.
Nadja Revnik: So you always know before who the winner is?
Nina Prater: Nope. Not always. There are companies in SL that don't predetermine winners. Sometimes, s'really competitive and s'for keeps. Our job's to make it so you don't know the difference.
Nadja Revnik: If it's set up...who decides, who's the winner, before?
Nina Prater: Depends on the company...The owner of the company can, but sometimes they leave it up to the wrestlers to fight it out.
Nadja Revnik: Throw a coin? ;-)
Nina Prater: Sometimes wrestlers are okay with that! Mhmm. Or throw dice. S'very popular.
Nadja Revnik: Heh.
Nina Prater: There are some matches in SL, not HUD matches, that are even driven by dice throwing!
Nadja Revnik: Oh!
Nina Prater: K, moving on. In SL, you know there's the lag monster creeping 'bout.
Nadja Revnik: Oh yes!
Nina Prater: He's a wrestler's worst enemy in a match that has to be fast paced or requires lots of moving. In this training gym, s'hardly any lag at all. But if you try doing that in a show, s'much harder. But good performers will deal with it and make it look good in spite of the monster, 'cause they've practiced for it. They know their moves inside and out and, Oh Nadja, they have to have this skill: improvisation--- if things get really laggy or messed up.
Nadja Revnik: ;-)
Nina Prater: Like this: say you and me started up doing this and when you typed in your move, nothing happened. You're staying like this. You type it again, nothing happens! What does somebody like me do in this case? We need to keep the hold going or change it up while you catch up, and outrun the lag monster.

Nadja Revnik: Outsch
Nina Prater: Gotta be careful with this move, mhmm. And when you're ready, type "/ punch" and you just broke the hold, letting me know you're ready to go on with the match. Hehe! Now we get to the match ending. Both of us are tired. One of us needs to finish off the other! We do that, most of the time, by pinfall or submission moves . Do you know what a pinfall is?
Nadja Revnik: No!
Nina Prater: Ok.
Nadja Revnik: Germans know not much about wrestling usually.
Nina Prater: S'when a person is able to keep their opponent's shoulders flat on the canvas or mat for 3 seconds.

Nadja Revnik: Ok.
Nina Prater: Those 3 seconds are counted by a referee. We NEED a referee to begin and end the match.
Nadja Revnik: Does he know, how the match is ending, when it's set before?
Nina Prater: If it's set, he'll know before or RIGHT when s'bout to end. But he knows. Oh, and submission moves: these moves are holds that get you to finally say "I give up". Like this...

Nadja Revnik: Uh!
Nina Prater: This:...Or this:...
Nadja Revnik: How nice to stickin your but. ;-P
Nina Prater: These are moves that can get you to give up and the referee is listening for you to say it. He might even ask you if you want to give up.
Nadja Revnik: Ok.
Nina Prater: K, hit F12 again. That's a submission move ending to a match. Pinfalls look like this.
Nadja Revnik: Well, I feel the pain!

Nina Prater: Mhmm! And sorry for that! S'no other way to write 'bout wrestling than to feel it. Lemme help you up.
Nadja Revnik: Heh.
Nina Prater: That's the basics of what we do!
Nina Prater smiles
Nadja Revnik: And how did you control everything? You have moves on your HUD? Or was it all gestures?
Nina Prater: I'm typing everything out, that you saw.
Nadja Revnik: And I do have to stand in the right distance to do it?
Nina Prater: Mhmm, the gestures are all activated inside of the ACPWS HUD folder. Right distance and you have to be lined up correctly for the moves to look proper.
Nadja Revnik: I did not know a gesture can influence two persons at a time.
Nina Prater: The only way they can, s'because of the sensor located beneath the ring. Remember when you saw my name come up in your HUD?
Nadja Revnik: Yes!
Nina Prater: That's me signing into the sensor of the HUD. Same with you: you signed in. And when you click on my name or anybody else's that's signed into the HUD, you can do moves on them.
Nadja Revnik: Ok. Do you know, if there are other sports using this technics?
Nina Prater: I think there are boxing and Mixed Martial Arts companies that do it this way.
Nadja Revnik: Upsi...sorry! ;-)

Nina Prater: S'okay! Now you're seeing how the moves are done. See? Gotta line up and be the right distance.
Nadja Revnik: ;-) I start liking it. ;-P
Nina Prater: When you start putting all of these moves together, you get a match!
Nadja Revnik: ;-)
Larry102 Panthar: and of course the announcers help sell the moves to the crowd :)
Nina Prater: All of the extra stuff like promotionals and voice commentary just ADD ON to the experience for the fans. Makes for a better show!
Nadja Revnik: You always need to have a ring with sensor then for trying it out!?
Nina Prater: Mhmm, or just the sensor. The sensor has a limited range and s'mostly just used for the space in and around the rings.
Nadja Revnik: Is it available for everyone?
Nina Prater: The sensor? Yes!
Nadja Revnik: You simply buy it?
Nina Prater: Mhmm. But here's how not just ANYONE can jump in the ring during a wrestling show, some companies have barriers that prevent people from going past a certain point. If a fan jumps the barricade or barrier, they will be ejected.
Nadja Revnik: How is that sensor called?
Nina Prater gave you ACPWS PE Sensor (FX).
Nina Prater: There you go!
/comment if you have any serious matters with me, youre welcome to discuss this in my ring ;-P
Nadja Revnik: Thanks a lot for the sensor, the coaching and all explanations! ;-)
Nina Prater: You're welcome!

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