Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at Monkey Cove Surf Paradise

This blog promotes the Monkey Easter Egg Hunt at Monkey Beach:

Happy Easter from Monkey Cove Island: one of Second Lifes most famous surfing spots with lots of different waves on eight sims. The Easter Bunnies will spread eggs on five of those. A detailed hunting card will be published shortly before the hunt. The hunt will start on sunday, 24th of april, 1:00 PM SLT. People putting hand on any (easter) eggs before 1 PM SLT are automatically disqualified!

It is promoted by the Monkeys - lead Monkey Syx Toshi included - & Cogito Ergo Sum - My Avatar Mind Blog:

Thanks to the sponsors, who filled more than 150 eggs with various prices like surfboards, outfits, Lindens, beach furniture, art works & more:

Druids Design (
DW Surf Co (
OSD Gallery
Pray 4 surf
SunSetz Beach 
Surf Shop 6
Valium Lavender - South Shore

and kind Resident Monkeys:

Abel Halderman
Bella Steven
counting Offcourse
River Starr

Have fun and don't forget to live, love and surf!

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