Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final reflections on Sports in Second Life

I hate nothing more as being redundant. For me most is said about sports in Second Life, even if I just looked on four different sport disciplines in total. I wanted to explore, what sport is about and not how each sport works and there are far more sporty things to do in SL: Simboarding (which is great fun), sailing, football, hockey justto mention a few more...wanna find more about sport disciplins visit: http://slurl.com/secondlife/International%20Schools/65/94/25

After all explorations for me sports are still a fun cultural community driven video game. But as one seems to get more motivated to do real life sports watching her/his alter ego doing in game sports, it may even have a positive influence on our clickers. So go for sports with a nice community is my suggestion!

To close this section about sports I did one last (notecard) interview with August Pain Lusch, who as well was the first one I talked to, when starting my sports research month ago.

August, you are a sports reporter on treet.tv right?

I'm actually an Executive Producer for Treet.TV overall, I do a lot of things for a lot of shows on Treet. The main sports I deal with are Treet Sports, such as GOHA (Global Online Hockey Association) and RacerX Gullwings Giant Snail Racing.  We also have Dirtfield Racing on the channel which I am keenly interested in I'm just trying to find the time.

How did you become a reporter on SL TV and was it always sports you reported about?

I actually started as a player in the Euro Division of the Hockey League while Vox Mullen was doing the sportscasting for GOHA, when Vox unfortunately had to leave due to RL commitments, Kert Upshaw and I were offered the slot.
Kert kept with and still is with GOHA as the main sportscaster on the show, I moved a little bit varied and tried out Snail Racing and started producing the shortlived (but hopefully will be revived) DailyPWN: Weekly Review with Matt Ryan which was a show about Video Games in General.

Are you a reporter in RL as well?

I work a lot with Treet.TV, although I am not a reporter, I do have a degree in Media & Cultural Studies with English Literature and Cultural History and have had small articles published.

Which sports you report about in general?

Treet's main focus is Snail Racing, GOHA and Dirtfield though we are looking at Wrestling to join our numbers.

Are you interested in the same sports in RL or in any sports even?

I love Football (Soccer) in RL and have tried to find a non trademark infringing Soccer game in SL to bring to Treet.  So far no luck :(

Do you watch sport events in SL  privat as well? If yes, what do you like in that as a spectator?

I love going down and watching any sports in SL, I find talking in the crowd and cheering people on as fun in SL as it is in RL (Except warmer in SL)

Why would you recommend to someone else watching sports in SL?

Just like Real Life SL Sports are skill based so there's the satisfaction of watching someone at the top of their game playing to the crowd...watching Tindalia Soothsayer or Sante Klees at Snail Racing is always a great thrill...same with watching the Cobras this season on GOHA, it's amazing to see a team with that level of skill on the ice.

Do you practise some sports in SL? If yes, did you start this before you reported on the sports on treet?

As I mentioned, I started off as a GOHA player, and then a captain, so I was pretty ingrained into GOHA before my Treet career took off, I still practice the occasional sport, though time isn't the luxury I once had.

Last question: Why sports in general in Second Life?

I believe that sports in SL are great places to meet people and interact with people while at the same time testing out some fun.
If you've ever felt the adrenaline rush of scoring that winning Goal in GOHA or coming first in Snail Racing or Dirtfield Racing you'd know that rush is better than any "Sploder" or MM Board in SL :)

You can find Augusts blog at: http://n-r-k.blogspot.com/ 

Sport in SL is not useless, even if it does not train your avatar body!

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